Glide Data Grid

A react data grid with no compromises, outrageous performance, rich rendering and full TypeScript support.

Built as the basis of the Glide Data Editorwe're hiring.

💯 Scale to millions of rows

Cells are rendered lazily on demand for memory efficiency. You only need to fetch the data that is being displayed.

🏁 Extremely fast scrolling

Native scrolling keeps everything buttery smooth. No javascript scrollbars, no weird touch behavior, just real native scrolling.

🆓 Fully free & open source

MIT licensed so you can use glide-data-grid in commerical projects. Glide Data Grid is maintained by Glide with ❤.

⌚ Real-time updates

Glide Data Grid can handle hundreds of thousands of updates per second. Less time spent updating the grid means more time running your application.

📈 Inline charts (sparklines)

Display important time series data to your users directly in the data grid. Evaluate dozens of charts at a glance without any delay.

🌎 Asynchronous data

No matter if your data is local or streaming over the internet, Glide Data Grid is ready to give your users the best possible experience.

Glide is hiring!